What? Little Red Book? The most young Chinese women are using it!


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If you want to access to Chinese market, you should learn it firstly. In China, over 800 million people are active internet users, this amounts to 57.7% of the country’s population. Compare the US’s estimated 300 million internet users and 78% of its population. What’s more, 98% of chinese people using the internet via mobile devices and just 73% in the US. China is really the world’s largest social media market and the richest and the most diverse online landscape.

For these global brands,there is an amazing opportunity to build their market presence in China: enter Xiaohongshu(little red book), China’s most trusted social shopping platform. Little Red Book is a mixed-use platform combining photo sharing and e-commerce functionality.  But Little Red Book don’t like other Chinese social media and e-commerce platforms such as WeChat and Weibo.Actually, it focus mostly on the beauty and fashion markets, so some people think it as a product search engine with some functions of Instagram, Pinterest and Taobao.  

Little Red Book boasts over 100 million active users by late 2018. 90% of these users are middle or upper-class women with higher degrees of disposable income. Over 50% of these users are between the ages of 18-35

Let us look at the functions of Little Red Book. It’s first and foremost a content sharing site, where users can post product photos with reviews and tips for other users for other users to read, comment, and save to their boards. Some Chinese celebrities who have amassed huge followings are also users on Little Red Book. What’s more, there are already around 8000 verified brands featuring products on little red book, including many major global brands. They post some advertisements directly to promote products and brands.

If you’re a global fashion or beauty brand looking to boost your presence in Chinese market and your potential customers are young women, you’d be better keep a close eye on developments with Little Red Book to build your familiarity with this unique platform. You can jump right in by establishing an official account, making your products available, and engaging with your community of fans and consumers. If you need more help on Little Red Book, just contact us.

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