Our SEO services

So you have created a great internet site and
obviously you are proud of it. Do you imagine that
the whole world will now find you and succumb to your offers? Think again. Without a dynamic and effective referencing strategy, it is sadly almost impossible to have good exposure on the web. Your competitors will certainly have understood this before you.

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SEO actions

Whether you are an e-seller, an institution, a brand, a major company or a celebrity... Rankwell will be able to support you on your way to the top.
Our areas of competency cover all services in the area of search engine optimization :


Technical SEO

In the technical SEO phase, we audit all aspects associated with the source code for the page, the loading times on a desktop and mobile, the Crawl Budget, the AMP etc.
Following the full technical audit of your site, we support your web development team in working on the extensive technical recommendations to put your site back on the right track. Even if you do not have a technical team to help you implement the recommendations associated with the code and site structure, we can help you, as we are affiliated to the website development agency Solead Agency.
We provide monthly or quarterly reports to inform you about the progress of your technical SEO campaigns.

Editorial SEO

During the semantic SEO phase we will analyse all aspects linked to the text content on the site: meta tags (titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords (for certain engines)), heading tags, alt attributes, URLs, descriptions of products, news items etc. We use the n-grams strategy to detect the presence of Duplicate Content.
Following each semantic audit we carry out a full study of key words for the client, who may use the terms we suggest in his future text content and on the landing pages, to help his site to come up when particular phrases are entered.
For e-commerce sites with a high number of product pages, we use our own automated rules to work through the meta tags.
As Voice Search is the future for web searches, we also work on featured snippets, the questions frequently asked by surfers in particular areas, and we offer to create replies which are of interest to visitors to the site alongside the client.


Link building strategy

SEO Link building strategy can be worked on in parallel with the technical and semantic aspects of the site, or independently of these. The idea is to collect the greatest possible number and highest quality of external links to sites and referring media.
A well-implemented netlinking strategy can offer an increase in visibility in just a few weeks! This has been tested and approved by several of our clients.
Apart from the techniques which we use at Rankwell to optimise our clients’ strategy of backlinks, we also give advice on how to obtain greater visibility: sponsorship, events, conferences etc.

Online reputation

Major brands and celebrities, in particular, are most exposed on the web, and they ought to pay attention to their images.
There are several stages in managing an online reputation, and several solutions to implement: Audit, Monitor and Moderation.
For any online reputation project we can start with a full audit of the brand or the name of the person, so that we can establish the impact over 6 months, 12 months or 24 months.
Following the audit, we set up an e-reputation monitoring service watch so that we can check the verbatims which appear during a crisis, a bad buzz or an online attack.


Our SEO trainings

What is SEO for? Why do we need it? How can your optimise your search engine optimization process?
Discover our entertaining, practical and specific workshops, whose aim is to enable in-house marketeers, marketing directors, traffic managers and other interested parties to discover the main principles of SEO and how to implement these on Google or Baidu.

Contact us for a mini SEO audit

Contact us for a mini SEO audit